Vala makes it incredibly easy to access resources from online. Imagine you would like to access some information from a website. For me, I wanted to download magnetic declination from the NOAA website. I wanted to be able to lookup mag. dec. from a given latitude and longitude. My programming… Continue Reading DataInputStreams – More On Why Vala Is Awesome!

I never recall having an issue with this in Gtkmm, but this had me snookered for a while. Here’s the answer . . . You must connect the response signal of the message dialog to a function that destroys it! Gtk.MessageDialog msg = new Gtk.MessageDialog(window, Gtk.DialogFlags.MODAL, Gtk.MessageType.ERROR, Gtk.ButtonsType.OK, “An important… Continue Reading Vala Message Dialog Won’t Close!

After over 7 years of using Linux Mint (first with GNOME 2 and then with MATE), today I installed Arch Linux and GNOME 3. I decided to make the jump for a couple of reasons. Firstly, my laptop has been struggling performance-wise, so I thought a leaner and more customisable… Continue Reading Arch Linux & GNOME 3 – A bit of a review / experience report

Estimating Gyroscope Bias MEMs gyroscopes never read zero when they are stationary. There is always a small measurement offset. This gyro bias is often related to temperature, so warming up the gyro with a heat gun will cause the bias to change – sometimes quite dramatically. The most common way… Continue Reading Estimating Gyro Bias – Calculating Orientation pt5

Magnetometer Calibration Calibrating magnetometers is critically important. Without a good mag cal, you’ll get rubbish out of your magnetometers. Fortunately it isn’t that hard to do a basic calibration. If you were to create a scatter plot of your magnetometer readings, it would probably show both hard iron and soft… Continue Reading Magnetometer Calibration – Calculating Orientation pt3