Firetail UAV System

Firetail is an open source UAV autopilot system for fixed wing remote controlled aircraft. It can turn any small to medium sized RC plane into a functional unmanned aircraft.


  • Several autopilot modes that provide different levels of flight stablisation
  • Secure two-way digital datalink with military strength AES encryption
  • Autopilot software uses the ChibiOS real-time operating system for exceptional performance.
  • Monitors various aircraft parameters and takes over if something goes wrong.
  • Automatically returns if it loses remote control signal (except during autonomous flight)
  • Ability to upload and fly a maximum of 512 waypoints.
  • Geofencing, so the aircraft cannot fly out of a designated area.
  • Free and open source.

The Firetail UAV software is written in C++. The ground station software is written in C++ with a Gtkmm 3 GUI. If you are familiar with any of these things, pretty please consider becoming actively involved in developing this project. Check out the software page for more details.