Firetail is an open source UAV autopilot system for fixed wing remote controlled aircraft. It can turn any small to medium sized RC plane into a functional unmanned aircraft.


  • Tiny, lightweight and robust
  • High quality MEMs sensors that can provide accuracy to the degree.
  • Several autopilot modes that provide different levels of flight stablisation
  • Secure two-way digital datalink with military strength AES encryption
  • Autopilot software uses the ChibiOS real-time operating system for exceptional performance.
  • Monitors various aircraft parameters and takes over if something goes wrong.
  • Automatically returns if it loses remote control signal (except during autonomous flight)
  • Ability to upload and fly a maximum of 512 waypoints.
  • Geofencing, so the aircraft cannot fly out of a designated area.
  • Free and open source.

Make An Open Source UAV

Once an RC plane is capable of flying by itself, weekends of 'going out flying' are no longer restricted to the task of flying. Your RC plane becomes a platform for anything that you can think of. Aerial photography and photogrammetry are just a couple of uses for unmanned aerial vehicles. Being open source, you are free to modify it to do anything.

Firetail is a minimalistic UAV system. The list of required parts is small and the setting up process is reasonably straightforward. Anyone with basic electrical know-how can build their own Firetail-powered aircraft. Check out the Docs and don't be afraid to ask for help on the forums! (forums could really do with some activity at the moment ...)