First blog post on new blog.

About three years ago I started Firetail UAV project. I also started a blog to post my progress and any interesting discoveries I made along the way. As Firetail grew, it got it’s own website ( ) but my blog remained at The monthly views on that blog grew slowly and eventually the advertising raised enough money to *almost* cover the web hosting bill.

My web hosting arrangements at the time were not really good value. The servers were fast and reliable, but expensive. I thought I could do better. So switched to a cheaper web host, and in the process I accidentally destroyed the entire content of my original blog!!

After destroying my blog I started a new one at It actually turned out that the new web host was terribly slow and unreliable. They came with an uptime guarantee of 99.9%, but I swear it was more like 75%. A couple of weeks ago my websites went down altogether. I had no websites, no emails and no access to admin tools (cPanel, FTP). Eventually came back online after a couple of days but remained broken and even today I still haven’t been able to access FTP or cPanel. What a disaster!!!

Today I’m back to where I started. A fresh, empty blog.


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