Monthly Archives: December 2015

StaticString Performance Tests

There’s a lot of seasoned coders out there who are so stuck in the mindset that C is the fastest language, that they are willing to use antiquated and sometimes dangerous coding practices. I came across this on the Arduino forums recently . . . I’m using String because its easier to operate, concatenate etc… Read More »

Fuzzy Logic Control

Fuzzy Logic Control Some people describe fuzzy logic in mystical terms, as if it’s a magical way of making a computer think like a human. It’s not. It’s a simple way of mapping an input to an output. There’s nothing fuzzy about it. Let’s look at an example. Say you’re making an auto-throttle for an… Read More »

Embedded String Programming

Using the C standard libraries for string processing is a terrible option when it comes to programming micro-controllers. The standard C string functions can be unsafe and most C string functions are prohibited by high integrity coding standards. They will also bloat compiled binaries by up to 30Kb. The Embedded Tool Kit offers a lightweight… Read More »

ETK Time

A while ago I had the displeasure of fixing a bug in an embedded application. Every 11hours and 55mins the micro-controller would halt. It wasn’t a hard fault, it would simply freeze. Just to fill in some background information: The target MCU was an STM32F415 and the application had made use of ST’s Cube software… Read More »

EvoPid – Autotuning PID Controller

EvoPid EvoPid is an auto-tuning PID controller from ETK. It uses evolutionary algorithms to search for optimal PID gains. There are a number of ways to tune a PID controller. PID gains can be calculated using hard rules and previously gathered data. Methods that use this approach include the Zigler Nichols method and relay-based tuning.… Read More »

Fresh Blog

First blog post on new blog. About three years ago I started Firetail UAV project. I also started a blog to post my progress and any interesting discoveries I made along the way. As Firetail grew, it got it’s own website ( ) but my blog remained at The monthly views on that… Read More »