Mapness is an open source (LGPL) Gtk+3.0 widget for displaying maps (google, bing, open street maps). It is written in Vala and has bindings for C, Python and GJS (gnome javascript). A while ago, I was using osm-gps-map inside Gtkmm/C++ applications. That worked fine. After discovering Vala, I found… Continue Reading Mapness: Google Maps for Gtk+3.0 and Vala

Vala makes it incredibly easy to access resources from online. Imagine you would like to access some information from a website. For me, I wanted to download magnetic declination from the NOAA website. I wanted to be able to lookup mag. dec. from a given latitude and longitude. My programming… Continue Reading DataInputStreams – More On Why Vala Is Awesome!

I never recall having an issue with this in Gtkmm, but this had me snookered for a while. Here’s the answer . . . You must connect the response signal of the message dialog to a function that destroys it! Gtk.MessageDialog msg = new Gtk.MessageDialog(window, Gtk.DialogFlags.MODAL, Gtk.MessageType.ERROR, Gtk.ButtonsType.OK, “An important… Continue Reading Vala Message Dialog Won’t Close!

After over 7 years of using Linux Mint (first with GNOME 2 and then with MATE), today I installed Arch Linux and GNOME 3. I decided to make the jump for a couple of reasons. Firstly, my laptop has been struggling performance-wise, so I thought a leaner and more customisable… Continue Reading Arch Linux & GNOME 3 – A bit of a review / experience report

These steps apply for Debian based Linux systems. For Arch linux, you can use pacman -S osm-gps-map however at this point it contains a bug which has been reported here. Download and extract the latest source from github Make sure you’ve got libgirepository-dev with sudo apt-get install libgirepository-dev. If you’re… Continue Reading Using Osm-Gps-Map Widget With Vala

Estimating Gyroscope Bias MEMs gyroscopes never read zero when they are stationary. There is always a small measurement offset. This gyro bias is often related to temperature, so warming up the gyro with a heat gun will cause the bias to change – sometimes quite dramatically. The most common way… Continue Reading Estimating Gyro Bias – Calculating Orientation pt5

Modelling Acceleration Dynamics The accuracy of an orientation sensing system can generally be improved if the acceleration dynamics of the system can be estimated. Accelerometers are commonly used in orientation sensing systems because they can sense gravity (the down vector). They also measure acceleration due to changes in motion –… Continue Reading Modelling Acceleration – Calculating Orientation pt4

Magnetometer Calibration Calibrating magnetometers is critically important. Without a good mag cal, you’ll get rubbish out of your magnetometers. Fortunately it isn’t that hard to do a basic calibration. If you were to create a scatter plot of your magnetometer readings, it would probably show both hard iron and soft… Continue Reading Magnetometer Calibration – Calculating Orientation pt3